• Zen Juice Beta

    Beta beta beta! I was kept extremely busy this week preparing for and showing off the beta version of Zen Juice. This was our last major playtest for the game and there was a lot that we needed to do to get it ready.
  • Alpha is Here

    This past week we completed the alpha version of our game. Overall, this was one of the most productive sprints we’ve had. We received very positive feedback from our playtesters which was a nice change of pace.
  • Diminishing Returns

    Our recent work on the game has begun to remind me of the law of diminishing returns. In this post I talk about where the game is and where we are looking to end up in the next few weeks.
  • Designing a Particle-Based Waterfall Puzzle

    One of the puzzles in our game revolves around a particle-based waterfall. In this post, I will explain this puzzle, how it works and how it was implemented in Unity.
  • Game Development Update 6

    This week we took a step back and took a new approach to the game. While we have been consistently making progress, we got off track in terms of the design of the game. It was time to sit down and rethink our design and the things that make our...
  • Game Development Update 5

    This post is another update on the development of my team’s game for the 3D Game Capstone class. The major event this week was our preparation for a playtest with industry professionals.
  • Game Development Update 4

    This week development took a very different direction. Now that the core mechanics of the game have been developed, we shifted away from doing a lot of programming. My major focus this week was (attempting) to learn how to use Wwise.
  • Game Development Update 3

    We recently presented our work from the Global Game Jam. We put in a lot of hours on the game for our first game review and it was great to see how everything came together in our presentation to the class. Overall, it went really well. One of our mechanics...
  • Game Development Update 2

    This week my team began work on the new game, The Monk and the Mountain (working title). This weekend was the Global Game Jam, so we worked together a lot. Thanks to our efforts, we now have a working demo of the core mechanics of our game which is very...
  • Game Development Update 1

    With the start of the new semester comes the start of the 3D Game Development Capstone course I am taking. As I progress through the course I am going to post weekly updates on the development of our game. Here’s the first update!
  • Website Transition and Updates

    I have been doing quite a bit of work on the website recently. The largest amount of work I’ve been doing is to transition away from the single-page resume website that I currently have, to getting everything on Jekyll. Here are the reasons for the changes:
  • October

    October is always an interesting month at the University. For most, this is the time when school really starts. Students are facing their first round of midterms with little relief on the amount of homework they have due. I find that the month of October is particularly challenging to first-year...
  • Using CMake with Gcov

    I recently tried using CMake to add gcov to the testing script. As I learned, this is much more difficult than using a Makefile. This post covers what I came up with.
  • CMake: What You Need to Know - Part 1

    In my last post I talked about some recent discoveries I’ve had with using CMake. I decided today I would take the time to talk a little about what I learned. This will be the first part of a few posts that will walk through one way I have found...
  • Welcome to My Blog!

    Welcome! I made this blog so I could post some of the things I learn on my journey through the field of computer science. I have been doing some work outside of school lately, requiring me to solve some problems that there aren’t many resources on the web about. This...

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